Remark Project History

My name is Anna. I am the author of the Remark project. The idea of ​​”Remark” was born when I was a 4th-year student of LNU. Ivan Franko in Lviv. I was offered the German company Muskelhirn to work as a tutor via Skype for people who want to work in Germany. I agreed because I like to learn new things. It was this teaching that formed the basis of my current Skype teaching technique, as it proved to be a very effective learning experience. Besides, I constantly add various videos and audio, interesting articles. Because I want to teach not only languages but also to introduce the student to a foreign culture, which is really interesting. I want the student to hear as many native speakers as possible. That is, to make him feel completely “foreigner”. It gives me pleasure, and thankfully, all my students are joyful in class, which is the best praise)

While developing the Remark project, I decided to include other foreign languages. This is how my collaboration with teachers of other foreign languages ​​began and it is such a tremendous exchange of experience and thoughts! It makes us special. But with which we all agree, the approach must be individual to each student!

My passion is travel, so here’s a photo of this story. I love discovering new, new in everything. Skype lessons were new and unknown to me, but I’m sooooooooo glad that they tried it because they were the thing of my life. I won’t stop but will discover even more new things for myself and you, dear students.

I love Remarque, I really do. I love the teachers who work with me because in each of them I found the most important thing – sincerity and honesty as a person and a great desire to learn languages ​​as a professional. They are so beautiful !! ️😻 Really! Such open, genuine, honest, fun and professional! You are like I saw my online school. You worry about every student, you get into all situations, I trust you💖 I do not interfere with the learning process because each of you is a creator, you create each lesson and you create it fantastically, I am told by the wide smiles of people in your lessons😁 You you see the overall learning process individually for each person🥰 You are the foundation and strength of Remarque! I want all people to see your work and feel that you can learn the language with pleasure

Foreign languages ​​on Skype are our future 👩💻