How to learn a foreign language correctly?

There is no magic secret and usually, you need a simple wish. But while learning a foreign language, of course, you have to speak a foreign language, starting from scratch, typing phrases, and dialogues.

🔺 Focus on conversation. Of course, you need an interlocutor.

“A foreign language is the second language, that’s why you need to learn grammar and words because the brain perceives the world in your language and you build a different language system in your head, a different outlook, so there is a lot to learn.

🔺Complex training. When you are learning a foreign language, you should listen, watch, talk, read, write in a foreign language.

“Books. There are wonderful book series that incorporate comprehensive learning and prepare you for a conversational level recognized by international frameworks.

🔺I love the language. Songs that you love in a foreign language make your brain accept a foreign language.

🔺 The individual approach or group approach. This is all personally determined. Everyone has their own language learning needs and we are ready to meet them.

And if you know how to add creativity to your learning, then we will be happy!