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Foreign language is in trend. Young people travel, get acquainted with foreign cultures, do hitchhiking, enjoy couchsurfing, erase borders on Earth, And it is very cool! The world is so colorful! We actively work abroad, in Internet space and in foreign companies. That’s why we need a foreign language. Progress is so rapid that we have many ways to learn a foreign language. But do not forget that we all are personalities so we need an individual approach. Here is what we offer – a linguistic space „Remark“. It is learning a foreign language at a convenient time and in a relaxed atmosphere. That is a personal teacher who puts soul into studying and chooses the right path for learning. From classic techniques, cool tutorials, grammar to cool videos and spontaneous conversations. Lessons can be a real performance if you want, but the goal always is the only one – to speak a foreign language! We will create a unique, inspiring training course with you. Check it out in your free trial lesson! It will be an interesting experience for you!

«Action is the foundational key to all success»
Pablo Picasso

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How to learn a foreign language correctly?

There is no magic secret and usually, you need a simple wish. But while learning a foreign language, of course, you have to speak a foreign language, starting from scratch, typing phrases, and dialogues. 🔺 Focus on conversation. Of course,

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Remark Project History

My name is Anna. I am the author of the Remark project. The idea of ​​”Remark” was born when I was a 4th-year student of LNU. Ivan Franko in Lviv. I was offered the German company Muskelhirn to work as

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